How to break a habit of a life time

I have always had a problem with cheating on women. When I look back at my life, I know that I have cheated on all of my girlfriends and my three wives. It is a habit with me, and I am very much like my dad. Mom used to say that he could never keep it in his trousers, and the same thing is y much true for me. I just love women, and can’t get enough -especially of London escorts. Dating London escorts is something that I am pretty sure I will never to stop doing. My first wife and I got married when I had just turned 25 years old.

She was really sweet, but within a couple of weeks of the end of our honeymoon, I was cheating on her with London escorts. Did I intend to do so? I can’t say it was a conscious decision at all. Dating London escorts was a habit that I had fallen into. It was very much like going out for a drink with the boys from work on a Friday night. I was just drawn to them just as I was drawn to my pint of beer.It did not take long for my wife to find out about London escorts. I was pretty young and naïve, and did not think that I would be found out. The outcall escorts service I used let you pay for outcall escorts using a credit card, and at the time, I thought that would be the smartest way to get away with it. Needless to say, it was far from it. Without thinking I had handed the reins of our finances to my wife.

She soon started to wonder why I was spending so much money on my credit card. I could have kicked myself for my stupidity, and that was the end of that marriage. I blamed the failure of my first marriage not on London escorts, but not being ready for marriage. After the divorce I spent about five years having fun with the sexiest girls at London escorts. I had got into my head that if I went on what I called “overload” I would get sick of dating escorts and it would eventually break the habit. It was silly, My second marriage started off well enough, but I will admit that I got bored with being with the same women all of the time. What happened? I went back to dating London escorts.If I would have been savvy at that point, I would have sought out some help. Instead I fell in love with a girl who was a lot younger than me.

Before I knew it we had packed our bags and got married one hot sunny summer day in Gibraltar where I had a flat. My company was doing really well, so I ended up spending the week in London and the weekend in Gibraltar with my wife. During the week, I could not resist the company of London escorts. London felt lonely without my wife, and I blamed her, Did she find out? Yes, she did and It cost me a lot of money. Will I ever break my habit of dating London escorts? I don’t think so. Honestly, it is far more likely I will break my habit of getting married time and time again.


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