It’s So Easy: Becoming Addicted To Dildos

She found it in her a drawer, where nobody should have been able to find it. Taking it in her hand, she laughs upon realizing what it was and raced into the bathroom. A girl of her age didn’t have much experience with a dildo or vibrator, but she had always wanted to try one out. Since nobody would be home until the evening, it was her chance to give herself a thrill.

She locked the bathroom door, turned out the lights and sat down on the vanity countertop. Removing her panties and leaving her skirt on, she twisted the end of the adult toy turning it on. The feelings that raced through her body that afternoon were never forgotten. The small white dildo she held could only have been six inches or less, but it riveted quakes and spasms through her nervous system. Her legs quickened and jerked in response, bucking wildly like a puppet on strings. Her orgasm caused her to drop rolling on the checkered tile flooring.

That evening she awoke from a nap and was still on the bathroom floor, so she picked herself up and took a long hot shower. This gave her time to penetrate herself all over again, she came again and once more later than night in her bedroom. Her fixation on dildos would grow, until years later it had become a fetish without limits and necessary as an addiction to drinking liquor. Except that her vibrator was quicker, no matter where or what time of day.

She began collecting a variety of phallic adult toys that included strap on dildos, glass ones, double ended dildos, anatomically correct, rubbery realistic types, jelly dildos, butterfly vibrators, fingertip massagers and of course, an assortment of special anal dildos. It wasn’t until several years later, that she first thought to herself, “It’s so easy becoming addicted to dildos.”

And it really was so easy to do, but she did not know this before the first time she came in that dark quiet bathroom. But that day she did think to herself, “What would the world be like today, if not for the invention of dildos?”

She pondered this, as she drifted to sleep on the cool floor tiles and made shivering quivers by the doorway. As she looked under the crack where the light came through from the outside hallway, she twirled her first white colored dildo in on hand like a baton. It made a phallus-like silhouette as it spun, so enchanted was the young girl with her new found companion that hummed in her palm. That one afternoon of pleasuring herself was a gateway. Allow her fingers to do the walking, down the primrose path with flowers in her hair and always dildos in her hands. Or in her purse, or in her backpack, or in her pockets, or even in the under the couch or inside the glove box.

It is so easy becoming addicted to dildos, but wouldn’t you love it, if she was a girl that you knew.

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