Marriage is one of the most awaited events in life – Debden Escort


It is not easy to be married, perhaps you get excited at first but the relationship will be tested with lots of problems, and you will know where love brings you. I am grateful that I am with a beautiful woman, she is a dream come true for me but never expected that she will break my heart. I am Eduardo and I live in Chicago. I am the eldest of the siblings and the breadwinner. Even though, we are a poor family it does not matter as long as my parents have been supportive of us, and give us an eternal love. They are always there to make me happy when life throws hard stones to me. They never abandoned me when they have all the time. I did not hear my parents complain even they were too tired to work for money to feed us. They had sent us to school and gave everything they can. They never lose hope in us.


I study hard to reach my dreams in life. We know how education has been a big part of us. It’s always been a very first step to success. Many times I feel so tired since I still have to work after class, but I put into mind my dreams in life and think of my family. It was hard, but the smiles of my family ease the pain. And the coming of the love of my life added my inspiration. Trisha is a transfer to our school. Most of the people find her beautiful and has a good personality. She has ever been with me through my ups and downs in life. She supported me in my life decisions. I was lucky that she chose e after all. There are lots of guys has tremendous admiration for her and then rejected them for me. I think that our relationship is smooth and she understands me at all times. And I decided to marry her right after the graduation.


I marry the love of my life and have two kids. I work immediately, and she stays at home since she does not want to work. I did not force her too, but as time passed by she becomes materialistic that she wants to buy all her wants than the priorities. Sometimes, she goes out and party with her friends at night and leave our children alone. We always fight over it, and then one night, she gave up and blames me on everything. Telling me about she is so young to have responsibilities and want to enjoy life.


Since I am based in Debden for work, I had no one to comfort me. Sometimes I think about committing suicide. I booked a Debden Escort from to accompany me in my painful moments. Well, I am impressed by her because she has this life wisdoms and advises on me. She awakens me and sees the bright side of the world. Maybe, my wife broke my heart but save from a Debden Escort


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