When I first started to work for Woodford escorts, I thought that I would be there for a long time.

However, when I hit 27 years old, it started to get to me a bit. Yes, is still adored to meet gents at Woodford escorts, but I felt that I needed a career change. I was not sure what I wanted to do. However, I did realize that I wanted to work form home. Setting up a shop or an office is expensive. Other jobs, don’t pay really well, so working for yourself is always the best option.

I started to think about the many things that I could do. At first I even toyed with the idea of setting up a rival Woodford escorts service. I was pretty sure that there were enough girls in Woodford of https://charlotteaction.org/woodford-escorts in London to establish another escort agency, but then I had a thought. Some of the gents that I had met at the agency were actually looking for long term companion. I knew that many of them would do their utmost to find them, and I would eventually lose their patronage at Woodford escorts no matter.

Sitting there on the sofa one night, it dawned on me that a match making service would go down well on Woodford. As with everything else, the match making service would have to be online, and it would be the perfect way to hook up with a new partner who shared your interest. Looking at the agencies which were out there at the moment, I realized that they did a good job in catering for people with general interests. If you liked to play ping pong, you could always find a friend. But, if you liked to play ping pong with your partner in the nude, you would have a hard time finding the right partner.

So, I took some of my hard earned cash from Woodford escorts and got hold of a website designer that I could work with. We put together a website for people with special interests. So, if you were a swinger, you could find a long term partner who was also into swinging. Of course, the website dealt with all of the mundane stuff as well, but it did have a strong focus on finding the right partner for you if you had special needs as I liked to call them.

Within a couple of months, lots of people from the London area were signing up for the service. I noticed that a couple of the gents that I used to date at Woodford escorts had signed up, it was really easy to tell form their profiles. Now I have a couple of specialist dating sites. If you are into dating men in uniform or women in uniform, you can rely on me to be your matchmaker. We even run some parties in some parts of London. Are the relationships working out? They seem to be, perhaps it is has something to do with the fact that people can mention their REAL interests without feeling embarrassed or worried about what other people are going to think.


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